New Work: Veranda on Highland

It was such a privilege to get to redesign the logo for one of Birmingham's best and most popular restaurants, Veranda on Highland. Veranda welcomed Chef Jeffrey Hansell in the spring and has been focusing on what it does best--"southern + seasonal" cuisine--while its image and interior have been updated to be fresher and less formal. The intent for the logo was to represent these changes, creating a fresher impression while maintaining a strong sense of history, elegance, and southern culture.

It was important to the client to include an image of the building because of the history that it has. So we decided on a pared-down drawing of the restaurant within a hand-drawn circle that referenced the shape of a plate or platter. I chose the "Veranda" typeface because of its elegance and organic quality--love those swashes on the "V" and "A"--and because it's not as stoic as other didot typefaces. We looked at several colors for the logo, including a yellow-gold and a darker slate blue, but in the end the client chose this grey because of its warmth and vintage sensibility.

Now all I have to do is make a reservation at the restaurant!

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